09 July 2005

The Common Indian Myna as a sign of degradation

"Why are mynas a problem?
In eastern Australia feral mynas have become a major urban nuisance, pose potential health risks to humans and livestock and have serious, negative impacts on biodiversity. Mynas are listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the World's 100 Worst Invasive Species." http://sres.anu.edu.au/associated/myna/index.html

Most of the action of 'civilising' this place benefits these feral bird pests. Clearing, housing, weeds (palms etc), dog & cat food, garbage, fast food outlets etc all provide rich resources for these pests to take over the habitat of native birds and possums. For humans they are a health risk. Dee Why is an environment where one has bred up a monoculture of these birds, filling the airspace and leaving their droppings everywhere.
As the natural assets of Manly suburbs are being stripped by exchange seekers the native flora and fauna is receding and the 'Dee why-isation' can be heard, seen and felt. Again it is the residents of the area, that moved here to 'have a better, greener environment for my children'. For more life-space the houses are enlarged from fence post to fence post. 'Let the neighbours provide some green'. And so it marches on and on...

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