20 July 2005

Link collection for Mnly

The Mnly blog is now looking after their own bookmark collection. Anyone can organise and share their links on this service. There are many more free and collaborative bookmarking services around. We intend to collect relevant links, articles and images related to our topics of living sustainably with the environment. In a broad sense the links will also be relevant to Sydney and Australia on the whole. You can also access the o.g. links from the right sidebar as 'Social Bookmarks Australia'.

Furthermore there is also a tag with Technorati for 'Manly' now. This aggregates everybodies photos and articles that are tagged with the word 'Manly' and you can also click it in the right sidebar.

Also note that the dynamic panel picture show in the right sidebar is home made with JavaScript, all according to the principle of 'many pieces loosly joined'.

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