09 July 2005

Civilian war zone

Normal intersection in Manly today was akin to war-zone scenario. Huge tanks (4WDR) revving to show their tonnes of weight (shifted by fossil fuel), bullying pedestrians and small cars. Reckless driving, the curb is a pleasure to crack.

Meanwhile in the subs, the 1 m thick sandstone walls go up, chainsaws 24/7, grinding their way to more and more (of the same). The illusion is of course that they get a bit of peace behind their walled cities or just more capital gain?

Petrol-gardening in between the castles. British lawns without water, Camelias from Elsewhere, Roses from Overthere etc etc- but just make sure there is nothing Australian growing. Tidy edges with whipper-snippers pierce the air, the leafblower blurts. The soundscape of a battlefield.

Non-stop yelping of armies of white shitting fluffbags and neglected wolves tearing the last penguin, bandicoot or lizard. Obese cats pounce at the last little bird on the block. In the war of the species, 'man's best friends' will win over bio-diversity.

Walled and airconditioned castles that are called 'Tuscany', 'El Rancho', 'Riviera' and 'Windsor', hark into landsapes of the mind, anything but this place! When will they arrive? Another 200 years to accommodate to 'New found land' ?

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