15 July 2005

Land and Ocean report

Nearly got run over today in Manly by a yob-mobile, cars parked all over the curb as well. The Pedestrian Council of Australia shows some stunning images how motorists are ignoring the law. Please update site!!

At North Head (Car-rang-gel) today yachts and tin-cans hassled whales on their ancient migration routes. 85 bucks a ride at high speed to chase whale and offspring. The whale (watching) industry is almost as lucrative as in colonial times.

On the sub-urban frontier the British box hedges are grown with the help of the horticultural industry. Rip out these flouring Callistemons, in with wood chips and hedges from Elsewhere.
90% of Manly's sustainably cultured environment is now degraded by settler activities.
There are many native plants that could be planted or encouraged. Endemic plants (PDF) are of course the most appropriate fauna for the area. Many more food and habitat plants could be grown for the endemic fauna. Fruit for the Grey-headed Flying Fox, flowers for the Lorikeets, large trees for the many possums.
For human beings too urban agriculture could could co-exist with the 'bush'. A mapped fruit alert directs the communities' attention to appreciate the abundance of urban activism.

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