08 June 2007

Videos of Manly environments

'The Animated Coast of (Manly) Sydney' - video uses a local sound-scape to capture various habitats and times. It leads us from Shelley beach, its Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve fish and seastars. A rare visitor such as the Pied Oystercatcher is also 'in the picture'. The contested sandstone heathlands of North Head, Manly and the Pacific sky are depicted. Queenscliff with artifical lights looks iconic. Worth a watch to get the ambience of the place.

Thanks to dotAtelier for the permission to screen the video here.

Another video 'Manly, Sydney, Ferry, Hurry' is of Manly and a ferry trip. It shows the wharf (with the good old Cove restaurant), the Corso, the Harbour (trip) and of course Circular Quay. The animation by Viktor Hertz was composed from 2000 still pictures and also has its own audio composition.

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dotAtelier said...

Thanks MNLY for posting this video here in your great blog!