29 May 2007

North Head - developments before & after...

The North Head of Sydney Heads appears like 'the edge of the world', 90 metres above the harbour and Pacific. “This unique habitat supports rare and endangered species such as the endangered Long-nosed Bandicoot, Brushtail and Ringtail possums, water rats, echidnas and reptiles. The headland also plays host to approximately 90 species of birds and over 140 native plants. “ (Harbourtrust)

Various human stakeholders are wishing to intensify and enlarge their ecological footprint. As previously reported, housing devlopment took place on bandicoot habitat. The necessary transportation for development and tourists in a hurry cause the death of many of the last bandicoots in this area.

The latest development plans for The Australian Institute of Police Management (image) on the heritage-listed North Head is now out of the hands of council and residents. The Institute of Police Management has been declared 'a state significant site'. The “.. institute's importance to national security made the need for quick redevelopment vital.” (Manly Daily)

So watch the dynamic map below developing...
The above still shot is of North Head now.

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