30 May 2007

Bikes in Manly - towards sustainable mobility

Due to the insuffiencient number of bike racks in Manly, many cyclists have to resort to use the Corso palm trunks as posts. Unless the palm is not a dead stump, this will not be appropriate parking when going shopping. Some palms have introduced Mondo grass planted at their base which seems to keep most people off as it is such a hardy weed. Pity no indigenous alternative plant could be found.

But now there is a 24/7Guantanamo Bay for bikes'' in the Whistler St. CAR park.
There are also more bike paths in Manly now. Often people in motorised urban tanks hogg these paths. Outside the C.B.D., motorists show clear signs that they are not willing to share the road with non-motorised mobile people. The risk to health and life of not having physically-separated bicycle paths is a reality. Sustainable mobility must start with an urban concept.

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