28 May 2007

World Environment Day, Dee Why Lagoon

The usual surroundings for an environmental event on the Sydney Northern Beaches. A hot sunny paddock and the humm of generators. Cars, dogs and prams and the smell of burnt meat. Many environmental services and goods and a lot of dead-tree info material. Many volunteers caring for (injured) wildlife.
The longest queue of people was for incinerated meat.

The frog display wanted to help frogs and teach how to look after them. The little things were in the sun in plastic-containers, knocked by zoo-trained kids.

The Flying Foxes, most injured, were looked after by volunteer-carers. Out of a habitat they would like to share the city and its fruit with us now. Where are the flowering watercourses now?

Distributing native/endemic flora to plant should make the entire area a habitat for native animals.
More than 60 ducks died recently from the condition of the coastal lagoon.
There is also a video of the event on the Manly Coop blog
Update: 290507 On this environment day, a lobby group for dogs on beaches !! defied Council's ban and did take a dog to the beach.The leader was fined. (Manly Daily)

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