23 June 2007

Tasmanian Salmon marinated in...

Next time you go out and have that nice salmon dish – think again.
Salmon from underwater factories contain huge amounts of antibiotics and they also may contain dioxin and PCBs. The Tasmanian salmon industry “...has used nearly double the amount of OTC (Oxytetracycline) than was anticipated under the permit application.” The use of antibiotics on salmon and trout "...has jumped from just 12 kg a year a decade ago to eight tonnes in the first three months this year.”
High population densities of fish lead to stress and dis-ease. Pathogens are fought cost-effectively with these high doses of anti-bio-tics.
Some of the drugs cause allergic reactions in some humans and there are concerns of huge amounts of these drugs entering the human food chain and having negative effects on our health.
Aqua- 'culture' has also negative impacts on the water quality and increases probabilities of emerging diseases spreading to aquatic ecosystems. One disease expert is concerned that Australia “...may not be well enough prepared to counter emerging disease threats from aquaculture.”
The industry is worth $250 million dollars and received its last tax boost of $1.285 million recently.
You can make a decision by choosing organic fish from your shop or restaurant and supporting the sustainable management of fishery stocks and marine ecosystems.
Plundering the aquatic pantry

Update, 250907
"Sea lice from salmon farms threatening wild Pacific salmon...In some cases, sea lice originating from salmon farms are estimated to have killed up to 95% of the wild juvenile salmon. We can expect long-term wild salmon stock decline if farmed salmon are not quarantined. When our government ignores the immutable natural law that disease is amplified when host populations are crowded, we pay the price of irreversible loss of a very valuable resource."
Scientists writing a public letter to the Canadian government, as "a sense of duty to future generations".Via Science Daily

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I have just purchased a large quantity of nolax smoked salmon from denmark and now found out it is farmed salmon I feel sick