02 June 2007

Manly Food and Wine Festival

Another Food and Wine festival in Manly. Part of the beachfront is blocked off to stinking noisy cars. The bike racks are full. A feeling of the commons is about with ALL stakeholders being given more quality space and resources. The public regained tables and chairs to sit at the beach and in the Corso – all in non-commercial space and with a great diversity of music as well. Couldn't it be like that all the time?
Food was served on biodegradable plates an cutlery.Vegetarians that happen to be non-alcoholics were defenitely in the wrong place. No stall could be found selling non-alcoholic liquids. Meat was sizzling everywhere in dense blue plumes of smoke. Generators humming above the ocean surf.The Corso, still with wobbly broken pavers displayed the evaporating powers of an abundance of water in Sydney. 'Girth' by flags, just in case one forgot one's location. Kids were kept busy – for a buck - on the fresh turf transplants.
Tomorrow is the Manly Sustainability Fair at South Steyne, continuing the 'Taste of Manly'.

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