03 June 2007

Manly Sustainability Fair

The Manly Sustainability Fair seemed to hand over half of the stalls to the promotion of cars and other motorised vehicles. The Mayor held a passionate speech and a consultant foreshadowed the outcomes of the presently human caused actions. Bush-regeneration workers explained their wonderful work they do all over in local reserves.
There was a (Manly Council?) questionnaire which ran along the lines of 'Do you recycle etc.', leaving out all the burning issues. ("On average, each person in Australia and the US now emits more than five tonnes of carbon a year..." SMH )
Some ideas for the next dead-tree questionnaire could be:

  • Have you quadrupled yourself?
  • How many cars/hummers/motorised bikes are in your household?
  • What is the ecological footprint of your McMansion/ dwelling? (AC)
  • Do you rely on unsustainable fossil fuel for "HVAC" (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ) and transport?
  • How many dogs/cats/exotics do you keep?
  • How much wildlife/ flora is wiped out of a habitat because of your actions?
  • Do you really want to leave a depleted hot planet to the next generation?
  • How will you exlain to your multiple kids that your nation did not participate in preventing collapse of the ecological and economic system?
  • How will you explain the word 'climate vandals' to them?
  • Do you really think you will get away with it all?

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