11 October 2007

Sydney Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden is only 15 (nautical) minutes away from Manly. Pedestrians are the main obstacle to the flow of motorised traffic IN the park. A huge building site WITHIN the garden is very noisy. The industrial site-ambiance drives one to the sunny lawn areas (no plants).

It is a pity, how such a mid-city green gem could just turn into an extension of the noisy, dangerous city. It is not easy finding Australian flora, but maybe it is all locked up in the commercialised constructions. Plants seem secondary to the event spectacles that are drawing the paying crowds to the theme park.

The bats are running out of trees and the native Ibis, robbed of their wetlands are declared another "nuisance species". The chicks are just suffocated in a 'cheap' way.

And the restaurant!- better not go into detail.

The image via Google might show how the garden is eaten up in time, not from the outside, but from within.

Update: A decline in visitor numbers - what a surprise. abc 190509

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