12 October 2007

Clothing and Manly Demographics

The immersive consumer market moved along with Manly's demographic trend. Mainly 20-39 year old Anglophones. Postindustrial society seems to provide few stay-at-work-incentives so a nation of 'stay-at-home moms and a few stay-at-home dads' is encouraged. The professional home-maker does not need work-clothes of course, instead a plethora of body-hack shops have sprung up. The make-over services range from blonding without an end, podiatrists' income generators, known as footwear and lots of 'scents to die for'. Internal bras are sure to come, plastic surgery for all is creeping in. Clothing is mainly synthetic and tends to look like life-long maternity wear.

In a post-factual world, lingerie fantasy-wear seems to be the new gear for hard yakka. No, it has nothing to do with the position of women in servitude submission or bondage. As undergarment or mainstream attire it is the uniform of many female 'success stories' that would 'make mum proud'. The drudgery of depressed motherhood is just part of this unsustainable fantasy game.

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