03 October 2007

Sydney Harbour National Park - a Casino?

A walk at North Head NATIONAL PARK today, Lady Fairfax walk. Despite the annual ticket to the N.P., access was very restricted and hazardous. Numerous large trucks and trades vehicles were driving/parking on the WALK-WAY. At the cliff look-out, within the NATIONAL PARK a huge structure was being erected, dangling 90 m off the North Head Cliff. How could such a monstrosity serve to conserve the flora and fauna of Sydney Harbour National Park? " Sydney Harbour National Park protects various islands and foreshore areas around one of the world's most famous harbours." Yes,the spectacle Las Vegas-style poker will be staged there. Gambling IN the N.P.? The refuge for animals and birds turned into an over-run CASINO?
Where will the visitors go, that came for the 'nature', the uniqueness Manly has to offer.What will be the impact of such an event(traffic) on the wild-life.
Six endangered Bandicoots have been recorded killed on the road so far. What will happen to the trampled vegetation and the generous garbage left behind? How was the community consulted? Is this a further privatisation and commercialisation of spaces in Manly?

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