02 October 2007

Jellyfish wading and Noise pollution at Manly Beach

Jellies in a Hot Ocean
Manly Beach swim today was like wading in sago. Tiny translucent jellyfish filled up the surf and the beach. No they were not Bluebottles.

How to repel visitors to Manly
Council did its best to chase visitors away by blowing the sand off the many stairs with a very loud debris blower. Just months ago this work was done with a broom. Additionally, the 'green machine' stood on the walkway for ages with the loud motor running and not cleaning. Again - people fled the space. Both machines were causing pollution right on the beach promenade. In other places blowers are banned as a noise nuisance, some places restrict these inefficient gadgets
.The industrialisation of the beach is degrading a potentially beautiful and unique environment.

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