30 September 2007

Aqua-motoring in Manly - an Accident Waiting to Happen

The aquatic space is used the same way as the terrestial space – just a space to rev motors along. Just as the asphalted Earth is becoming too congested to get anywhere, the little bays, coves and even beaches become race-courses to blow the abundance of fossil fuel away. Problem is, there are these pedestrians and wildlife 'cluttering up my road'. In the blue waterbodies and oceans, swimmers take the fun out of 'having a good spin'.

Whatever takes place on the roads, is taking place on the water. Out of control, under the influence of alcohol these motors are being steered into bodies. Here a child is being hit by a jet ski on their rubber duckie, there another gets their face shaved off by boat propellers. Another gets 'mangled' by a speedboat while swimming. Speeding jet skis on Narrabeen Lagoon endanger the life of people, as well as eliminating swans and pelicans. They even insist to race The Big Dry Murray.

In Manly the season for mixing water & petrol is truly open. At Manly Beach the fumes of the speeding 'life-saving' boats are breathtaking. The proximity to swimmers of all boats is a great danger to people in the water, at Shelly Beach and Manly Beach.

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