08 May 2006

Sofie Delezio and her community

"The pedestrian remains the largest single obstacle to free traffic movement."
The praying, hoping, positive thinking, school assemblies and empathy for Sofie Delezio is continuing and it is very powerful that many minds are with her now…

But after the shock - where are the parental groups lobbying for pedestrian safety?
Where are the municipality, politicians, RTA concerning themselves not just with that 'hot spot', but effectively addressing a dysfunctional mass motoring system that accepts too many dead and mutilated people? From the perspective of 'the people', the steering of these automobiles is way beyond 'the means of transport' and well in the realm of car fetish. The vehicle as a means of self-expression glares from every ad and it is learned early 'to burn rubber'. The decision makers of an infrastructure of car(n)age and the auto-mobile community are all adult participants in a risk society. With a will, manufactured risks can be met with preventative measures to decrease levels of risk (sustainability).
There could be a discussion about the will to a sustainable mode of mobility.
  • Some mark the 'hot spots' not with flowers and crosses but with stencils reading:
  • The 'party for a good cause'-neigbourhoods could block of their streets, discuss and implement child/people friendly 'transport'.
  • They could lobby to have the $1 billion for transport diverted to public transport and bike paths.
  • They could lobby for the auto-related fatalities on an epidemic scale to end. NOW!
  • They could get out their cars and walk/ cycle with their children, modelling 'safe' and fit mobility.
  • They could get to work, study, shops by public transport
  • They could…but do they want to?
Update: (100506) Sofie opened her eyes and looked at her mother. (Manly Daily)
The chairperson (Harold Scruby) of the Pedestrian Council of Australia:
"If you are improving traffic flow you have a direct conflict of interest with safety"
"They (councils) must make safety the priority, not (parking) meters.'' (Manly Daily)

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Albert Bletchley said...

It's not like the poor man driving the car deceide that .... uh oh ... today I might go out and maim me a child. Nah noboby ever thinks of that do they .. nope they just see good old "Hollywood Delezio" pimping his poor little girl in front of the media, so he can further is political gains for pre-selection. Where to ?? Ahhh the good old NSW Left.