12 May 2006

Leave some of Manly as a penguin habitat !

Manly penguins along the Manly Scenic Walkway will have their habitat a little more protected as council will erect fencing and declare the area a "dog on-leash" area. (Manly Daily)
More signs will go up. As reported before, (illiterate?)dog owners chase dogs deliberately into penguin territory, many little penguins are mauled by dogs and aquatic motorbikes threaten their breeding grounds.

Let us hope council enforces the protection for these little birds as vigorously as their parking meters.

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adb said...

Manly Council as well as many dog owners, seem unaware of the provisions of the Companion Animals Act 1998. All dogs MUST ALWAYS be leashed in public areas.

"A dog that is in a public place must be under the effective control of some competent person by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog and that is being held by (or secured to) the person."