27 September 2007

More on Sydney Water, Health and Pollution

Sydney water news:
A lot of googling for Sydney water, gastroenteritis, diarrhea and food poisoning.
The pond we are drinking from has a thick algae mat (HABSs) stretching 58 kilometres now. 75 % of Warragamba Dam is covered in this slimy growth. We put, so to speak a straw down the murky pond and suck. They have found "levels of microcystins, toxins that could cause skin irritations and stomach upsets in large doses." "The results are below the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines."

Interesting news on water pollution (eutrophication) just out. Pouring our waste into the waterbodies leads to algae growths, this in turn leads to parasites, these enter amphibians and cause severe deformities. "What we found is that nitrogen and phosphorus pollution from agriculture, cattle grazing and domestic runoff have the potential to significantly promote parasitic infection and deformities in frogs."

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