09 April 2006

Manly parade

In the absence of walkable neighbourhoods Manly Beach and the Marine Parade leading to Shelley Beach are packed. The people-poodle-pram-stream gets so dense that it moves at shuffle speed. Air, ocean and walkway are fully motorised: the blue sky is assaulted with ads, high speed motors over-power the surf and groups of kids with DIY petrol bikes are on the walkway. Lately even the council races along the walkway with a vehicle (mini moke ?) as well. (Please do not turn it into another World Heritage Magnetic Isld.)
At the northern horizon, endless fires to incinerate the bush in the protection of human habitation. The smog clouds linger and crawl back into the human dwellings. Additionally, the stinking fire-places are lit up at night, just when the the noisy compressors of summer are switched off. At Sth. Steyne beachfront one can admire the large rustic fire in a front garden.
In an eatery, diamond-studded claws (gem-o-cide ) clutch that puggle, feeding it that 'bird-flu-causing-poultry' on their lap. Maybe soon they'll change to the pet of the moment. The petroleum distillates with lots of synthetic aromatics, known as perfumes, are breath-taking.
Despite it all, the surf, the birds and Manly Beach are awesome.

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