18 April 2006

"Inside Man"

A thriller that appears like 'the perfect bank robbery', but isn't. Playing with pre-conceptions, the plot entices the viewer to engage, getting as close to participatory media as a movie can get. The two heroes are not of the 'shoot first, think later' type, proudly stuck in restricted code. Here, both heroes master complex contexts in a contemporary metropolitan (N.Y.) situation. The use of cultural literacies by detective (Denzel Washington) is cool. The bank robber (Clive Owen) is in charge, works the gadgets and has a very distinct ethics.
One is reminded, that there are still many elderly beneficiaries about, that have prospered from extracting/expropriating wealth in the 30's in Nazi regimes.(Contested archives). The film offers thrilling and unexpected solutions.
It is on at the Manly Cinemas. BTW Syriana was also very engaging and timely.
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