28 April 2006

Aggro Australians on roads

Violence against people travelling
"Sydney is one of the worst places in Australia for cyclists - it's pretty scary and visiting riders from overseas just shake their heads,''
"The whole road can be clear and they'll have a go at you."
"If you go further out west they start to throw things at you - sometimes you'll catch an orange or mandarin in the back.'
"When there are bike lanes they can be full of glass because people have thrown bottles out the window - like the RTA says, the road is there to share.''
"He said a lack of cycling infrastructure and the attitude of some Sydney motorists were to blame."
"Every year I come back from Europe and over there people are really nice, but when you come home it's almost like you're scared to ride on the roads." (SMH)(Help & comments!)

"A man who sat down on a Sydney street after feeling ill was run over in a hit and run last night despite his friend activating the light on a mobile phone and frantically waving it around to alert the oncoming driver... But the car failed to slow down or stop and, as the friend jumped clear of its path, it ran over the mid-section and legs of the 36-year-old's body…. The friend escaped injury but the 36-year-old was taken to Nepean Hospital suffering "massive internal injuries" (SMH)
Update:Another child squashed by a hummer: "A four-year-old boy has suffered severe head injuries after he was hit by a 4WD in Sydney..." (SMH)

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