04 April 2006

Happenings at the shoreline

A White-bellied Sea-Eagle was soaring over the shore today. With a wingspan of 2 m this bird of prey scanned the Marine reserve in one swoop. A noisy jet-ski at Shelly Beach racing off to the Northern beaches made the bird disappear.
Back on the walkway, desperate curved hands rolling nicotine, putting out the burn with lots of tinny. At the end, all is generously left in the bush.
Health-conscious parents jogging by with prams, stacking their 3-4 children against the glaring sun. The infants are in total isolation chambers (sensory deprivation), the toddlers and older ones are prevented from developing their muscles and coordination system. In between white fluffy balls yelping and hunting dogs yearning to get their teeth into the last Bandicoot.
Back at Manly beach, the sound-scape of generators, pneumatic drills and cement cutters battling with the surf.

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