30 June 2006

Missing fig tree, stripped paperbarks & bitou

The last photo of the large fig that was eliminated today. Many pedestrians found shade and rest underneath its large branches.
In the foreground are paperbarks, stripped to the core. Handy free wrapping for the market-place or the dog loo. Unfortunately the Melaleucas die when skinned.
Keep bashing that bitou!


melanie said...

Apparently the tree wasn't removed without good reason, or maybe that's just the spin. Either way, it's a shame to think this beautiful thing is now gone. I spent a good part of my life living in Manly and i will always remember sitting in the shade of the fig watching the diversities of life go by.
Sadly, Manly now lacks the tree and as i've come to realise, most of the diversity too.

MNLY said...

sad to see another shade tree eliminated out of our lives.
Manly is 'spinning a lot of 'good reasons 'to exchange the wealth of diversity against a shade-less quick return.