02 June 2006

Birds of Manly

The birds are very vocal at the moment in Manly. Despite the bobcat & chainsaw 'gardening' some native birds manage to survive. Birds in Backyards has many resources to identify and encourage the (sub-) urban survivors. There are tips how to design a bird friendly garden, which plants are endemic to Manly (or any other area in Sydney). At the moment the Gannets are doing a lot of diving at the ocean and Wattle birds are in the pines. Apart from the section on sea birds and shore birds, there is a pdf on 'Sharing beaches with birds'. The Silvereyes should pass through on their mysterious migration soon.
The site also features 40 bird songs, some Manly voices are: the Grey Butcherbird, Currawong, the Lorikeets, the Masked Lapwing, Tawny Frogmouth and the Figbird.
The little birds are most in trouble.Big birds too are killed by cats and often by speeding cars. The introduced ones and fish & chips fattened Seagulls are making a mess of Manly.

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