23 November 2005

Tasmania - Australia

News from the frontier:
Tasmania is losing its forests. "8,000 hectares of Tasmanian native forest were lost last year." "…The low rate of prosecutions and the imposition of very small fines for offenders who breach forest practices standards...is distressing"." Only 1 per cent of the complaints investigated resulted in legal action."(ABC News Online)
Check out the deforestation map for Australia and read more at Global Forest Watch.

On the roads in between "…there is one dead animal every three kilometres." (ABC NewsOnline)
4WDs are flattening the coastline. (ABC News Online)

The unique Tasmanian Devil is suffering from fatal facial cancer. The pesticides (Phosdrin: organophosphate) used by Tasmanian 'agriculture' (your food!) is causing this disease. (ABC News Online)

All that is being done in this microcosm happens on a larger scale in the macrocosm.

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