22 November 2005

Motorised transport and its regulation

On unsustainable modes of 'transport':

Roll-over 4WDs kill: one gets awarded $ 83 million,the other gets a two-year suspended jail sentence.

The US army is using Humvees to recruit youth for the war effort:
"The Pentagon spends $2.7 billion for recruiting young teenagers and adults for war.."

At the end of the motoring era the 'most powerful car on the road' (250 mph) has no space for luggage.
Good transport design/actions:
The concept of 'Passive Driving' is elaborated by Monbiot. A must read!

European "second generation" traffic calming:" "...It's about dismantling barriers: between the road and the sidewalk, between cars, pedestrians and cyclists and, most controversially, between moving vehicles and children at play." (Kottke)

Paris is closing roads to cars and building extra wide lanes for buses and bicycles." (EcoCity Cleveland)

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