24 November 2005

How to play MNLY-ball

The aim of MNLY-ball is to keep the ball in the air. There is no opponent to beat. It is cooperative and experience-oriented. No sponsors with bulldozers are needed to flatten the beach and no buildings or structures on the beach. MNLY-ball can be played on any type of sand surfaces. It has a minimal footprint.

  • Use a partly inflated ball so it is soft and can't hurt anyone. It is easy to catch.
  • Throw the ball to your partner in a way that is easy to catch. Aim for the hands.
  • Make it interesting by throwing high and then low.
  • Feel your concentration growing. It is not easy to make it easy.
  • Choose the right ambience. Experience the lorikeets or the sound of the surf consciously while playing.
  • MNLY-ball enhances your consciousness - keep your eye on the ball and your ears on the ambient soundscape.
Unlike beach volleyball, MNLY-ball is not commercial and all participants are winners because of the experience, not the outcome. Unlike rugby, you can play MNLY-ball in crowded places without being able to hurt anyone.
Promote cooperative sport for a cooperative life.

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