05 November 2010

Manly Beach Time Zones

Manly Beach currently has 3 time zones - South Steyne, North Steyne and Queenscliff. Please adjust your watches as you proceed along the beach. The most reliable chronometer is at the North Steyne pavillion. It tells the correct time twice a day. To set your watch/mobile, please check the time there at 10.20 am or pm on any day. If you are not sure if it is 10.20, just ask someone at the beach. For summer time add one hour.

It is recommended that you pay careful attention to the time zones as beaches are only patrolled at certain exactly defined times. Note that Queenscliff time is usually one hour later than South Steyne time and North Steyne time is identical to South Steyne time and Queenscliff time twice a day respectively at 10.20 am or pm.
If you are unsure which time zone you are in, check for the lines on the sand or ask a local official or resident.

“Manly Beach 1000 miles from care, 3 time zones.”

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