12 April 2009

"Stinky weeds" at Manly Beach

In "Help! It's the stinky kelp" the SMH claims that "The smell comes from a tubular weed called cunji which was ripped off the rocks at the same time as the kelp". Cunjevoi (Pyura stolonifera) are animals, when they decay they smell. The giant sea tulip (Pyura spinifera) was also washed up along with the kelp. Such is beach ecology.

Out of sight 'management' of the unwanted parts of nature, such as "landfill" appear to be opportune ideas to " silence community complaints".

It is a mystery that this "community" never complains about the deadly petrol fumes along the cafes/restaurants, the beach and surf. Not a word about sewage odors or the plastic debris. But the unsightly "stinky" seaweed and the nuisance of decay ought to be removed from tidy town so that business as ususal can continue.
How will they react when the red tide or the oil slick hits?

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