20 March 2009

Landmark Figs of North Head and Sealed Soil

North Head - a visit
Along North Head Scenic Drive, as the title suggests, there is no walking or cycling path to visit the National Park of the unique northern headland of Sydney. Joggers, walking visitors and cyclists dodge the speeding cars to get to THE view. This year one bandicoot has been recorded as killed.

Increased urban structures: light pollution and eutrophication
On the right of the roundabout a new carpark has been built, converting the bushland into an impermeable surface. The run off from the hill would run straight to Collins Beach. From tall poles mega-watts bellow down on the surface and adjoining bushland. For the endemic fauna the artificial lighting has severe consequences. The CO2 emission is another matter.

Butchering natural heritage:
Further, opposite the Artillery more 'scorched earth' carparks. On the right side of the Artillery are four giant ancient fig trees framing a cafe as the main landmark. All four have been severely cut back with no apparent reason. Hard to believe council would approve such unaesthetic butchery of the natural heritage of Manly. The limbs missing did not seem to be in the way of any human mobility.
At the Fairfax Walkway
Again the cemented walkway is impeding all natural drainage and erosion gullies dig deep. Encouraging large tourist coaches and not providing sanitary facilities, leaves the landscape littered in paper tissues flying in the wind and more. Apparently blind or illiterate dogwalkers bring their pets into the National park despite it all.

Images: 1 Google Earth, North Head Scenic Drive, roundabout an carpark before being sealed and light flooded. Collins Beach 'down the hill' .
2. Two of the figs to the right side of the cafe/Artillery

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