08 October 2008

Dead Fish and Noisy Motors at Manly Beach

Dropping anchors onto the aquatic reserve
In the Marine Reserve today 'leisure crafts' were throwing their heavy anchors into the low reef today to pop some champagne.Motorising the beach, air and land
Helicopters hovered over Manly beach and sub-urbs, giving it that VN ambiance. Are there any restrictions on people perving from above, destroying the space with their noise? How many noisy aircraft routes can Manly Beach handle, in addition to the diesel-spewing coaches, running their air-conditioners hot?
Beach findings
On the shore of Manly Beach an unusual number of ocean/leather/mosaic jackets. We mentioned that an unusual amout of puffer fish and moray eel were also washed up onto Manly Beach. They all seem to have been dislodged from the safety of the reef caves of Cabbage Tree Aquatic Reserve. Maybe they are all just ploughed into the industrial beach sweeper and disappear with the tonnes of garbage into the tip? Does anyone record why there were so many dead reef fish last week?

Images: Some of the dead fish (ocean leatherjacket, pdf & Eubalichthys mosaicus) washed up on Manly Beach 071008 and possibly an Eora engraving from the Pittwater region.


Anonymous said...

Seems strange that such a hardcore ecolove can't even ID local fish correctly. You got the "rockfish" but the two actual dead fish aren't right.

try again.

Nil said...

It seems "anonymous" cannot even identify himself!
What is wrong with "eco-love"? Don't you like your planet?
Some people can only identify a fish with a spear in its side - oops sorry it was a toddler. But if you can identify dead fish, what are they?

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with eco-love my sweet little moon-child. pull in the claws before you scratch a tree...

if you have speared toddler by mistake you need serious help. i suggest a few years in a correctional facility minus the mind altering drugs.

The algal bloom induced fish kill victims are: Yellowfin Leatherjacket, Fanbelly Leatherjacket.

Guess this hunter-gatherer knows a lot more about the environment than a second-guessing anonymous greeny blogger...

nil said...

@ anonymous Boral worker from South Australia:
please direct your comment at me not at the blogger who made this attractive blog. Like you I am just an admirer passing through. btw - does your position on the environment represent your employer? I thought Boral had quite positive policies on sustainability, judging from their website. What would the shareholders think about your public statements, which seem contrary to the companies views elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I live in Sydney.. not sure where you are getting the Boral thing from?

Rita and collaborative authors said...

I appreciate the contribution of identifying the dead fish species. Please stay on the topic of the post. Thanks