21 August 2008

Watching Whales and Dolphins in their habitat

WATCH the beauty of these free whales and dolphins in the ocean, unencumbered by human artefacts and not harassed by human noises. Great work by Okeanos – Foundation for the Sea which is concerned with whale welfare. More resources on the impacts of human noises and their blog.


Sofo said...

so sad about colin/colette isnt it.

i live in sydney and have only been to manly once. what is the best thing you can do @ manly?

nereunder.blogg.se is my swedish blogg about sydney

Rita and collaborative authors said...

Sad is that this country cannot ensure a safe passage for these ancient ocean giants.

There are a lot of special green & blue places with unique plants and animals in and around Manly. The beaches and bushwalks in reserves/National Parks are recommended.

There are other sites for the commercialized event hype, if you desire it.