25 July 2007

Heating till they drop - Manly style

In Manly, permanent summer is brought about with patio heaters on private patios, but especially in commercial drink & food establishments. Catering to smokers, they help to turn the common ground into a warm extension of the cafe/pub or restaurant. " Outdoor heaters are an extraordinary waste of energy and carbon emissions...As well as heating outdoor space they also warm the climate. Each patio heater generates 2.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide on average per year, the equivalent to driving a car for over 6,000 miles

Some places in Manly even use these unflued PATIO heaters INSIDE. As they emit nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide they should not be used in enclosed spaces as they have adverse health effects.(pdf) Both customers and staff are exposed to increased levels of indoor pollutants.

Elsewhere there are calls to not sell and use them. And in Manly?

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